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Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids GIFs

2022 is around the corner, and with every passing year, trends change. Wishing a happy birthday to children is not as simple as writing a card anymore. And if you want to make your kid's birthday special, make sure you are up to date with the latest trends! 

Currently, GIFs are the trendiest way to wish everyone on their big day, especially kids! And to help you out, we've put together several happy birthday wishes for kids GIFs 2022. So go through them, choose the best GIFs for the birthday boy or girl, and make them feel special in the simplest way possible! 

happy birthday frozen Gifs

happy birthday iron man gif animated

happy birthday mickey mouse gif

happy birthday minnie mouse gif

happy birthday princess frozen gif

happy birthday princess sofia gif

happy birthday spiderman gif animated

happy birthday tom and jerry gif

Different Kinds Of GIFs To Wish Kids A Happy Birthday 

If you have never really seen happy birthday GIFs before, here is a small guide to introduce you to the concept. Essentially, there are three major types of Happy Birthday GIFs: 

gif happy birthday fortnite

gif happy birthday Masha and the bear

gif happy birthday Minecraft

gif happy birthday Among us

gif happy birthday Paw patrol

gif happy birthday pokemon

gif happy birthday Simpson

  • Cartoon GIFs

Most kids have a favorite cartoon, like Aladdin, Tom, and Jerry, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, or any other for that matter. Wishing them a happy birthday with a cartoon GIF of their favorite character is the coolest way to make the day. Here, you will find Iron Man, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Anna, Princess Sophie, Spider-Man, Tom and Jerry, and many more. Based on what your kid likes best, you can send them a surprise happy birthday wish. 

gif happy birthday Ariel the little mermaid

gif happy birthday moana

  • Text GIFs

Apart from cartoons, happy birthday GIFs for kids 2022 also come in text form. You probably think that if a GIF has text in it, what is the difference between an image and a GIF? Well, the difference is that images have static text, while GIFs have moving ones. So no matter what's written on it, a GIF will always have a moving element. It could be glitter, flower petals, confetti, or moving letters.  

gif happy birthday peppa pig

  • Personalized GIFs

Personalized happy birthday GIFs for kids can include anything and everything you want. It can have your child's favorite cartoon as well as any text you would like to add. You could add flower petals, confetti, cakes, candles, and any other elements you like and completely personalize the GIF. The best part about this way of wishing is that your birthday wish will be unique. You can add the child's name to make it even more customized. After all, it's all in the little things, isn't it? 

gif happy birthday Winnie Pooh

Are GIFs A Good Way To Wish Kids A Happy Birthday? 

Happy birthday GIFs for kids are the newest, trendiest way to celebrate someone's birthday if you are not with them. If you are miles apart and want to wish a child a Happy Birthday, sending them a GIF implies that you remember them and care about them. GIFs require downloading, and they take effort to find, save and share. Hence, when you send a GIF to someone, it means that you put thought and effort into wishing them. And if you make it customized, it means that even more effort went into it. The rule of thumb is this: the more unique and customized the GIF, the better the impression it leaves. 

Other Good Ways To Wish Kids A Happy Birthday In 2022

Apart from sending them happy birthday GIFs, there are several other ways you can wish kids a happy birthday and make it look special. The following are some of the most significant of these ways: 

  • Text Messages 

Not the tiny, cliche Happy Birthday messages, no! Personalized, heartfelt text messages are one of the best ways to wish kids a happy birthday. Just make sure that you add different fonts, colors, and stickers to make it look more attractive for the child. Avoid adding lengthy paragraphs and long notes as kids are usually not that interested in reading a story! Keep it small and sweet. 

If you want, tell the kid you love them and that there is a special gift arriving soon. Doing this will make them excited to see you and give them assurity that you have not forgotten about them on their special day. If there are any other promises, you would like to make, put them in the text message and conclude with a warm ending. 

  • Songs 

Now, this one might sound a little cliche, but sending happy birthday songs to kids is still just as good as it was ten years ago. The only point to remember is that you want to send them the newest and trendiest happy birthday songs, and not the ones from the 90s! So, if you know the child's favorite song or something they have been listening to recently, send it to them with a Happy Birthday note attached. Doing this leaves an impression that you remember small details about them, which is always lovely, even for kids. 

  • Videos 

Lastly, videos are the most versatile forms of Happy Birthday wishes for kids in 2022. Even GIFs are in video format and count as the same category. But apart from those, you can send other videos as well. For example, you can send them clips from their favorite cartoons or movies. You can also send them small throwbacks themselves in the past years, make a sweet little compilation of different clips, and send it to them on their birthday. Such a video will be a cherishable gift that they would never forget. 

You can also make a personalized video of yourself wishing them a happy birthday. This method is especially a great idea if you are far away from the child and cannot be with them that day. It would make them feel special and remind them that you care. But more importantly, it will make you feel better about not being in their company. 


Final Words 

Happy birthday wishes for kids have certainly changed over time, but they have not complicated. All you have to do is stay up-to-date with the latest trends and wish kids the way they want to be wished. If you do this, you can be their favorite parent, sibling, or aunt/ uncle. We all want to be that cool person, don't we?